Aga Muhlach starts building his 4th house property

Aga Muhlach starts building his 4th house property

Actor Aga Muhlach excitedly shared details about his new new house which is currently under construction in Ayala Alabang, where his first house which he built when he was younger is also located.

During his launch as an ambassador of an aircon brand, Aga shared how his wife Charlene Gonzales and twins Atasha and Andres have been participating in building their new home.


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He said: “We were just talking about it, me and my wife and the kids. When I first built my first home ever, I was just single so it was just me.”

And when I got married, Charlene and I built our… this place in Batangas. And then we had kids, until we got our place in the States and then we built… anyway, this project kasi is being built by the four of us now. It’s different,” Aga added.

According to Aga, his children who are now teenagers said that they wanted something different which prompted him to build a new home.

“The kids are teenagers now, they’re turning 18 this year. So, they’re part of that. Parang ’yung old house in Alabang also is parang, nakalumaan na. So, parang sinabi nila they wanted something different. So, sabi, ko let’s build,” said Aga.

(Photo source: Instagram – @itsmecharleneg/ YouTube – Pikapika Showbiz)

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