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Alex Gonzaga on poking Pia Wurtzbach: “This is not on national TV”

Marami ang nagulat at hindi masyadong natuwa sa ginawa ni Alex Gonzaga nang mag guest si former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach sa ASAP Chillout. May nagsasabing hindi daw approprite ang ginawa ni Alex at may nagsasabi namang sadyang ganun lang daw si Alex na makulit at mapagbiro.

May isang netizen ang nagpost ng comment sa Twitter at sinabing:


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“How is this acceptable on national tv? What gives you the pass to do that? Because Pia didn’t mind, so it should be ok? Because you’re a celebrity you was only ‘curious’? You don’t need be obnoxious in order for you to be relatable.”

Na sinagot naman ni Alex ng:

“This isn’t on national TV. watch every Sunday. Asap chillout, the online show. Thank you.”

Tinanggap naman ng netizen ang paliwang ni Alex.

“Thanks for clarifying. It still seems inappropriate to do that when you know people, possibly minors are watching, imo. But then again, there are worse matters out there that we should be more concern about. God bless.”

(Photo source: Twitter – @amylortiz)

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