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Arci Muñoz shows injuries in wearing combat boots

Actress Arci Munoz added another feather to her cap by becoming a sergeant under the Philippine Air Force Reserve (PAFR) Command after undergoing a 30 day training program. Arci has posted a number of photos showing the drills and training she and the others have to go through.

Just to show everyone how serious her training was and that it is not a joke – Arci shared a photo showing what happen to her foot after wearing military boots:

“To my combat shoes,..

grabe mo kong sinaktan! Pero ikaw pa din ang pipiliin ko sa kahit na ano pa mang sapatos jan!! Dahil tinuruan mo kong maging matatag, to have humility, loyalty, to have the sense of valor, and to value the importance of Camaraderie. Kaya ikaw pa din paborito ko forever!! Marami pa tayong pag dadaanan! #philipineairforce #reservist #sergeant”

(Photo source: Instagram – @ramonathornes)

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