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Claudine Barretto describes Gretchen Barretto: “She’s very loving, thoughtful, sweet, kind”

Actress Claudine Barretto is all praises to Gretchen Barretto as a sister and as an aunt to her children. While Claudine is at odds with her other sister Marjorie Barretto, the relationship between Claudine and Gretchen is healthy and fine.

In an interview with entertainment columnist Aster Amoyo, Claudine said Gretchen is the sweetest and caring to her and her children.

“She’s the sweetest. She’s very loving, thoughtful, sweet, kind. Before kasi, mas close sila ni Marjorie and hindi kami ganito ka-close ng Ate ko. And I think that the attention she has now is for me,” said Claudine.

So, talagang she makes sure talaga na my kids, if they want anything, you know, they’ll call her,” Claudine added.

(Photo source: Instagram – @claubarretto)

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