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Dingdong Dantes shares ‘kilig’ moments of daughter Zia on her birthday

Actor Dingdong Dantes shared a special moment in the life of her daughter Zia Dantes. Zia recently celebrated her birthday with a simple gathering. Dingdong and wife actress Marian Rivera prepared a special video for Zia where Zia’s most admired media personalities greeted her.

On his Facebook page, Dingdong shared that rare moment where Zia displayed her ‘kilig’ moment:

“The progression of her kilig when we made her watch the birthday greetings of her most admired media personalities. Thanks to Mama for organizing and reaching out to them. #SarahG #RanzNianaAndNatalia #KayceeAndRachel”

(Photo source: Instagram – @dongdantes)

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