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Dominic Roque’s remark to Bea Alonzo elicits mix reactions from netizens: “kapit sa patalim?”

Netizens expressed mixed reaction over the remark of actor Dominic Roque to a post made by actress Bea Alonzo on her social media account.

In Bea’s Instagram account, she posted a photo of her. Bea shared her realizations for the year 2020. According to Bea she is claiming that the year 2021 will be a “more spiritual year” for her as she wrote:
“Let the sunshine in ☀️

Last year brought so many changes in my life, and changes can be terrifying when you think about it. But this year, I have decided to embrace all the transitions meant to make me grow. I have decided to embrace my reality.
I am letting the waves take away all my worries, self-doubt, and fears. I am releasing myself.

And though we live in a world where changes are meant to happen, may it be the weather, trends, prices, or even people;
I am sure that I have a God whose love for me will never change.
So, I am claiming that this year will be a more spiritual year for me. I am taking a step towards knowing HIM and letting HIM take control of my destiny. 🙏🏻

Ikaw? Anong realizations mo?”

In the comment section, Dominic expressed his admiration to Bea as he wrote “Hi Beautiful.😘♥️😘”. The said comment of Dominic caught the attention of netizens as they can’t help but feel “kilig” and wrote:

– “oweemjii my beadom heart!!!😍❤️”

– “wag kang mag-alala…sayo lang yan 🤍”

– “keep it up dom! You are the true sunshine in her life😂 🙏🏻 Keep the love and kilig for you both and for us!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💙”

– “nkakakilig bagay kau ni ms Bea”

However, it appeared that Dominic’s remark left a bad impression to some netizens as they commented:

– “luh? Di pinansin🤣✌️”

– “Buti pa si angelica P. nakatagpo Ng gwapo matured at businessman na jowa samantalang ikaw @beaalonzo pabata Ng pabata mga jinojowa mo na mukhang ikaw pa Ang bubuhay @dominicroque”

– ” mas lalong kawawa Yan si lola bei kung sya pa bubuhay sa lalaki”

– “cge kapit sa patalim?”

– “ewww yuck parang aso walang sariling disposition sa buhay mas ok pa pala sa inyo ang dominic na parasite😂😂😂 @beaalonzo atleast si gerald legit kumikita sa sariling sikap at pagtatrabaho! hindi puro sponsor lang! mas ok na kuripot noh kasi may ipon.kumpara naman sa pasosyal ending naghihirap na! 😜🤣”

(Photo source: Instagram – @dominicroque)

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