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Ethel Booba answers netizen’s comment about her being a ‘retokada’

Aside from being one of the finest comedianne in the country today, Ethel Booba is also one of the most outspoken celebrity in the industry today. Her comments on certain issues are being read by many citizens – it may not be so serious but it definitely makes a lot of sense.

Issue from politics to entertainment, Ethel will always have something to say about it.


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Just recently, Ethel gave her comment about the issue about transgenders and one netizen commented about the comedianne being a ‘retokada.’

“Isipin mo na lang Ethel na bago ka magparetoke, nandun ka sa grupo ng mga taong kulang sa kumpiyansa, and what you just want ay mapabilang sa mga taong confident sa sarili nila so nagparetoke ka dahil yun lang ang way mo to boost your confidence.”

To which Ethel replied:

“This is different case gurl coz I didn’t force anything on anyone. Yes, I surgically overhaul myself and that’s it. It’s still up to others whether they accept me or not. Charot!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @ethelbooba)

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