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Frankie Pangilinan reacts to netizen’s comment: “Be like your Ate KC!”

Singer model Frankie Pangilinan took time out to reply to a netizen who called her ‘one miserable child’ and suggested that she should be like her Ate KC – referring to Frankie’s sister actress KC Concepcion. The netizen posted the following on Twitter:

“No one will buy your album so save yourself from wasting time. Be like your Ate KC! You are one miserable child seeking a lot of attention, kaya nagwawala sa Twitter? Tulad ng tatay mo? Trying to be relevant kahit wla ng nakikinig sa kanya lol!”

To which Frankie replied:

“and yet here i am living rent free in ur brain sir” and “can someone tell the boomers nobody buys albums anymore”

And with regards to the statement that she is a miserable child seeking a lot of attention remark, Frankie wittingly replied this way: “miserable child seeking attention” isn’t that just all of gen-z”

(Photo source: Instagram – @kcconcepcion)

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