Fumiya Sankai warns fans of fake account

Fumiya Sankai warns fans of fake account

Fumiya Sankai, one of the “Pinoy Big Brother: OTSO” Adult big 4 has been one of the most loved housemates among their batch because of his charming and funny personality.

While he has gained fans and followers during his PBB stint, Fumiya warned his supporters about a fake Facebook account who uses his photos and posing as him.


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He shared a screenshot of the said Facebook account in his Instgaram account and wrote in the caption: “This is a fake account! From this acct, you may think I’m the one managing since my name and photos are used. Please don’t be fooled by this fake account”

Apart from Fumiya, Yamyam Gucong, Lou Yanong, and Andre Brouillette are also part of the Adult Big 4.

(Photo source: Instagram – @23shun_base)

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