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Has Willie Revillame found the love of his life with this 21 year old model?

Gameshow master ‘Willie Revillame’ is undeniably attracted to the 21 year old model ‘Mycah’ who is a ‘Wowowin’ contestant in Feb 12 episode of the show.

With 38 years age gap, Wil said that she knew the model before joining the gameshow and asked if she’s not tired, before throwing a punchline saying:


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“kasi tumatakbo ka sa isip ko.”

In the talent portion of the other male contestant, Wil acted as the hostage taker and Mycah as the Hostage wherein the flirting moment started.

Wil even asked the male contestant to prolong the acting for him to have a longer moment hugging Mycah in the acting scene whispering:

“Paratagalin mo.”

(Photo source: Youtube – @Wowowin)

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