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Is this the reason behind the ‘Miss Universe Philippines 2020’ controversy?

Most netizens are still confused as to what really started the controversy surrounding the Miss Universe Philippines 2020. Statements and remarks were being posted left and right without clear indication so to what really started everything.

Personalities like Shamcey Supsup and MJ Lastismosa, candidates like Sandra Lemonan and Michele Gumabao had also joined in the discussion.

Michele’s volleyball teammate and friend Diemmy Alexi Tatlonghari posted the following that perhaps may shed light as to what transpired during the Miss Universe Philippines pageant:

“One of the rules is not having your glam team. No hair and makeup help from anyone but yet some of the girls had their MUA and whole glam team in there, helping in between. Ano to joke time!!!?”

“Speaking up about the glam teams is not being bitter. It’s about the truth. If you can’t accept that then don’t be here.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @missuniversephilippines)

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