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Isabelle Daza receives backlash from netizens for being ‘the best cupid’ to Liz Uy and Raymond Racaza

Actress Isabelle Daza received backlash from netizens as they expressed their thoughts and opinions over her, being ‘the best cupid’ to stylist Liz Uy and her partner Raymond Racaza.

It was recalled that Liz announced her engagement with Raymond through her Instagram account. Isabelle congratulated Liz as she commented “Love you you deserve it. ❤️❤️😍😍😍” To which Liz answered “I love you!!! you’re the best cupid.”


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Isabelle’s name, “Isabelle Daza” trended on Twitter as netizens expressed their thoughts and opinions. It seemed that Isabelle, being ‘the best cupid’ to Liz and Raymond left a bad impression to some netizens as Raymond was the former husband of Rheumatologist, Dr. Geraldine ‘Ging’ Zamora. Here are some of the tweets from netizens:

– “di lang pala enabler si Isabelle Daza, pusher ng homewrecking ganern? why would you set up your friend or play cupid with a married man?? that’s highkey trash energy”

– “This Liz Uy engagement and Isabelle Daza cupid ruckus is the reason why I never considered the “It Girls” as my role models.”


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