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Ivana Alawi encourages everyone to do their share to help people

Ivana, alongside her younger sister Mona and her mother, revealed that they had spent their entire night repacking relief goods to distribute to disenfranchised families. The young celebrity urges everyone else to contribute what they can to the fight against the pandemic.

“Pasensya na kayo sa itsura namin. Madaling araw na kami natapos mag pack ng mga pagkain na ipapamigay namin sa mga kababayang nangangailangan ng tulong.”

(Sorry for our appearance. We spent our night packing, all the way until the early hours of the morning, so we could give these to fellow Filipinos who need the extra help.)


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“I am encouraging everybody to help. maliit man yan o malaki, ang importante ay tumulong tayo (Big or small, what is important is that we are helping).”

(Photo source: Instagram – @ivanaalawi)

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