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Iza Calzado to bashers of her bikini photos: “We are all worthy of hitting the beach”

Actress Iza Calzado has been spending a fun time with her girls in Bali as she will soon tie the knot with her fiancee Ben Wintle in December.

While in her bachelorette party, Iza flaunted her bikini body and shared how she has embraced her figure despite gaining body-shaming comments from netizens.


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She wrote: “All bodies are beach and bikini or swimsuit ready. ? I used to be so scared of going to the beach and being seen in a swimsuit because people might laugh at me or stare at me or secretly take my photo. This hindered me from enjoying so many beautiful and memorable experiences. It is a battle I often have to fight in my head but one that I am proud to keep winning with every beach trip. It was only in the last few years that I slowly started coming to terms with my body and not letting what other people say about it stop me from living my best life. We are all worthy of hitting the beach no matter our size or shape. Remember that. ❤️ #thebodyloverevolution @sweet.escape”


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