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Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson slam bashers for criticizing their son’s appearance

Celebrity couple Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson proved that they are protective parents as they called out netizens who made negative remarks on baby Jude’s appearance.

In Markus’s Twitter account, he shared several screenshots from a Facebook post where netizens were making fun on the appearance of baby Jude. In the said post, one netizen wrote:

“Jusko po panginoong mahabagin bat ganyan ang mukha ng batang yan.”

The said remarks left a bad impression on Markus as he expressed his disappointment.

“Let’s be honest. I’m no stranger to bashing. But come for my son and I will come for you. People like this make me sick, wala pang isang taon anak ko and ya’ll making fun of a NEWBORN. Not gonna erase the names, proud nyo eh.” Markus wrote.

Markus also sent a message to the netizens in his post.

“for the people in this post, I have no words other than I hope you someday find the happiness you need to fulfil that hole in your hearts. Maybe one day I can check on you all, Since I have your names.” Markus added.

In a separate post made by Janella on her Twitter account, she shared the Facebook profile of the netizen.

“Your humor must be really fucked up to make fun of a baby. I can take all the bashing in the world directed at me with grace, but direct it at my innocent son and you’ll definitely hear from me.

PS you sure about making fun of Jude’s face? You sure, bud? Sure na? Yikes. Ayt 🥴” Janella wrote on her tweet.

(Photo source: Instagram – @superjanella)

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