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Janella Salvador temporarily adopts lost dog she found soaking wet on the street

Janella Salvador undoubtedly has a soft spot for animals especially for dogs as she shared photos of a poor dog she found soaking wet on the street.

Janella posted the photos of the dog on her Twitter account and called out the owner of the lost puppy. She decided to temporarily adopt the dog and brought it in her house until the owner claims the dog from her.


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She wrote: “Hi!
I came across this little baby earlier while I was leaving the house in a rush. It was raining hard and this lost pup was soaking wet. I was already glammed up for a performance but I couldn’t stand leaving him/her outside. If this dog looks familiar to you, contact me. Ty!”

Janella has been rescuing dogs and cats and even had a grooming party for her and her loved ones’ pets on her 18th birthday last 2016.

(Photo source: Twitter – @superjanella)

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