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Judy Ann Santos surprises Sharon Cuneta with a teacup Maltese

Actress Judy Ann Santos surprised actress Sharon Cuneta with a cute teacup Maltese. Sharon said this is not the first time Judy Ann gifted her with a pussy, the first one being a Bichon Frise named ‘Asha.’ Sharon decided to name the teacup maltese ‘Toby’ or short for Tobias.

Here is the full post of Sharon:

“On Nov.24, a surprise came from my sister Juday @officialjuday . I had no idea and was half-asleep at siesta when my Yaya gently woke me up. She said, “Mam may surprise po!” With my eyes still closed I asked her “Yayie naman ano yon?” Then our Yaya Irish said “Mam matutuwa kayo!”

So I opened my eyes and there was this doggie crate with a ribbon tied to it with the name Agoncillo! I read the card attached first, of course, and in it Juday said matagal na daw niya gusto palitan yung gift niya sa akin noon na Bichon Frisé na si Asha, but now lang niya nagawa.

And when I opened the crate, this tiny teacup Maltese baby boy stared back at me! Aaaaaahhhhh!!! I named him Toby, short for Tobias and after one of the characters in my favorite political drama series ever, The West Wing!

Toby is as long as my slipper and is soooo tiny that I would’ve panicked more if my mini ShihTzu Wookie hadn’t come three weeks before! He is smaller than any dog I’d ever held before Toby came along and I was so careful and scared whenever I held him and whenever he would go to the edge of my bed! So here’s baby Toby! Three months old. His playmates are Wookie and Pixie (my Coton de Tulear who has grown so big and fat and beautiful and is such a good Noona (Ate!) to them both!).

Wookie plays rough with Pixie, and Pixie-rella is gentle with Toby. Am so in love with these babies that I can’t wait to move to our house – kaya lang more than two years pa pala daw bago matapos sabi ng contractor ko.😓 So now I have 10 well-behaved dogs at home.

In the farm are my ChowChow Mochi, KC’s ChowChow Po, KC’s ShihTzu Grandpa, and Kakie’s Beagles Bea & daughter Cupcake! Plus our baby aspin JJ! They are all coming home with us to the ‘big house’ once it’s done. And yes, I’m getting more dogs.🥰💎🙏🏻They make me soooo happy! Wookie is the talkative comedian – I’ve never seen anyone like him! Bella now has lost all her baby hair and is soooo beautiful! She is now silver with just a little black left! She is gentle with the other puppies too but she really doesn’t know she’s a Giant Poodle! So we have to watch her when they all play together! Wookie and Toby sleep in the room with us now. Toby is quiet!❤”

(Photo source: Facebook – @JudyAnnSantosFanpage / Instagram – @reallysharoncuneta)

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