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Kim Chiu shares her experience during mall visit: “When will this nightmare be over?”

Actress Kim Chiu went out and visited a mall after months of staying mostly at home. Kim shared her feelings that things around are never the same and added that it is a ‘weird’ feeling. For months, Metro Manila was placed in strict quarantines where people are not allowed to visit malls to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

On her Instagram account, Kim described her visit as the fastest malling she ever done – less than 30 minutes:


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“Days ago went to the mall for the first time after months, and it was the fastest malling I’ve ever done less than 30mins. Things around us are never the same. It is weird. When will this nightmare be over?!!! Are things going to be the same when this pandemic is done?? When?…. How? So many questions in my mind and none of them have any answer. 😔 #2020.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @chinitaprincess)


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