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Korina Sanchez reveals Pepe and Pilar are staying at her condo due to a COVID-19 positive househelp

TV broadcaster Korina Sanchez shared the reason why her twins, Pepe and Pilar has been staying with her at their condominium unit as she revealed that one of their househelps got tested positive for COVID-19.

In her Instagram account, Korina shared a photo of her twins, Pepe and Pilar. In the photo, the twins were looking through the window at their condominium unit. It appeared that Pepe and Pilar were gazing at the sunset as Korina wrote:

“Sunsets are as amazing to us as they are to children. Amazing earth. 😍💚💋#NanayNiPepeEnPilar”

In the comment section, one netizen asked why they are in the condo and asked the whereabouts of former Senator Mar Roxas.

“Where is your pappi,bat nanjan kayo sa condo” the said netizen wrote.

“May isang help sa bahay May Covid kya dito muna ang kids sa condo😮” Korina replied back.

(Photo source: Instagram – @korina)

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