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KPop fans hindi ikinatuwa ang latest BLACKPINK dance cover ni Aiai Delas Alas

Actress AiAi Delas Alas received a lot from netizens particularly KPop fans for her Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls” cover performance. While there are some who praised AiAi for her performance, there are those who were unhappy with what AiAi did.

On Instagram, AiAi posted a photo of her performance with the following caption:

“Black pink ka pala e …mga blinks pasensya na muntik ng d kayanin pero INILABAN KO NAMAN… ( apat naman sila na nakanta at nag rarap mag isa lang ako gumawa tulong naman 😂)wohoooooo MERRY CHRISTMAS NALANG MGA KA BLINKS”

Netizens expressed their disappointment by posting the following comments:

– “Not bashing pero sana respect for other country”s language. Mag effort man lang sanang aralin ang lyrics. Ano kaya mararamdaman nyo kung may sumaula ng OPM?”

– “she’s literally mocking korean language and i don’t get why people hype her up…liek????”

– “I honestly find that offensive towards the song, the language and the culture”

– “Someone please don’t give aiai delas alas a microphone”

– “Magkaiba yung may attenpt ka to make the words sound right sa intentionally wanting those words to sound funny.”

– “singing lovesick girls are not funny at all. she literally making fun of the song which is disgusting and kinda racist to me. stop it.”

Here is her video performance:

(Photo source: Youtube – @Ken J)

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