Kris Aquino to meet with ‘partners’ who sided with Nicko Falcis: “Hindi ako duwag”

Kris Aquino to meet with ‘partners’ who sided with Nicko Falcis: “Hindi ako duwag”

Queen of all media Kris Aquino has been on a legal battle with her former business partner Nicko Falcis who she accused of stealing money from her company KCAP.

In her recent Instagram post, Kris revealed that she will be having a meeting with her business partners who allegedly sided with Nicko.


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While Kris agreed to meet with them amid her lawyers offering to go on her behalf, Kris admitted that she is afraid of meeting her partners as she is still in the process of healing.

She wrote: “TRUTH: i have a board meeting tomorrow with my “partners” in Potato Corner + Nacho Bimby. Haharapin ko on my own yung mga taong kumampi kay nicko at nagsanib pwersa sa kagustuhang pabagsakin ako… my lawyers told me they can go on my behalf pero may katangian akong kayang ipagmalaki- hindi ako duwag.

“i remember telling you that it’s in life’s happy moments i miss my mom BECAUSE i loved seeing her proud of her bunso… but these past few days, i wish heaven would briefly share her with me, kahit sa Friday afternoon lang bago ko sila harapin, dahil ang mom, hindi sya ever pumayag na abusuhin na lamang ako, lalo na ng isang pamilyang feeling entitled na magsinungaling at bastusin ang buong pagkatao ko… Higit sa lahat, sa bawat oras na nadapa ako, inalagaan at inalalayan ako ng mom hanggang muli akong maka bangon.

“I’m honest enough to say i am afraid of tomorrow’s meeting because i’m entering the lions’ den. And my wounds are still healing. So it’s a given, they can smell blood.


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