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Lawmaker suggests to Lopez family: “Ibenta na lang nila yung kompanya”

Camarines Sur 2nd District Rep. LRay Villafuerte suggested to the Lopez family that if they really love the 11,000 employees, they should just sell ABS-CBN. In an interview with TV broadcasrer Karen Davila, Villafuerte was asked if everything could have been corrected now that the people are losing their jobs because of the ABS-CBN franchise rejection.

“Ako sakin bottomline, my suggestion to the Lopez family, they just sell the corporation and if they really love the 11,000 employees or more and if they really truly want to serve the Filipino people, ibenta na lang nila yung kumpanya.” said Villafuerte.

“Sakin, Ako I will support the renewal under new management and ownership. As suggested through the employees to the talents. Sabe ng Employees Federation na hindi na nila kaya, but I’m sure if they sell it, big companies can provide the capital to run it, provide the manpower, financial, economic, technical expertise to run the company. Diba yung sinabe nga ni speaker Alan bakit ang Mighty Corporation, allegedly nangdadaya sa taxes.” added Villafuerte.

Sinabe ni presidente mag bayad kayo, nag bayad. Binenta na nila yung kumpanya niya sa isang japanese company. Di walang problema po. Walang natanggal na tao. You know this is just a suggestion. Tutal the Lopez family naman earned already billions and they have other companies like First Gen in rockwell. It’s just a suggestion of course the decision is entirely up to them.” ended Villafuerte.

(Photo source: Twitter – @ABS-CBN News Channel)


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