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Lotlot and Matet De Leon respond to netizen accusing them of not giving back to Nora Aunor

Actress Lotlot De Leon could not contain her emotions after a netizen accused her and her siblings of not giving respect and love in return to their adoptive parents Nora Aunor and Chrstopher De Leon.

On her Instagram account, Lotlot posted a statement in response to a netizen’s comment in one of her posts, saying: “….the fact that she adopted all of you and did not let you die in the dumpster ….. respect and give love in return … calling those ‘good kids’ … where are you?…..”


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Lotlot then responded in a separate post and wrote: “Ms. Luz,
May I call you that?
It looks like you’re a decent woman, by the looks of it you have your family beside you smiling with you with all the pictures you have in your IG. Maybe the only difference we have you and I, is that they’re your “blood”. You know ma’am I don’t usually comment nor waste my time explaining myself to people who have nothing good to say. Now if you ask me what makes you different from the rest is because I feel with your hurtful and slanderous comment not only to me but to ‘ALL KIDS’ that are or have been Adopted is very unkind and inhumane.”


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