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Maxene Magalona’s birthday wish: “healing, harmony and happiness for the whole world”

Actress Maxene Magalona celebrated her birthday last November 23 and shared her message to God to her fans and followers. Firstly, Maxene thanked the Lord for adding another beautiful year in her life. Maxine also wished the whole world healing, harmony and happiness.

Here is Maxene’s message:

“Dear God,

Thank You so much for adding another beautiful year to my life. You are the reason for my being and I sincerely apologize for letting my worldly distractions get in the way of my spiritual devotion. Thank You for all the trials, difficulties and hardships that I’ve experienced and have caused me to get lost in darkness to be able to find my way back to You. I’ve searched high and low for happiness and chased so many different kinds of pleasures but it was only in You that I found inner peace and immeasurable joy.

Today, I wish for healing, harmony and happiness for the whole world. Please watch over our families and friends in the Philippines and protect our loved ones from harm. I humbly ask that You continue to bless our country and the rest of the world during these difficult times. May all beings be free from pain and suffering and may You help and heal those who need it most.

I pray that You continue to guide me and my husband @robmananquil on our journey and give us more strength and wisdom to be able to serve You even more. I know I am not perfect and I do not strive to be but I am confident that Your love is and it is the only thing that I will ever need in this life.


Maxene 🤍

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has been sending me your well wishes and prayers! If you feel it in your heart to share some love with me today, please do so by donating ANY amount to @feedphilippines and/or @sos.indonesia1. I would really appreciate it! Links for donations are in my bio 🙏🏼 God bless YOU”

(Photo source: Instagram – @maxenemagalona)

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