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Netizens admire Carlo Katigbak for displaying class and calmness during franchise hearing

ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak earned the respect and admiration of most netizens after displaying class and calmness during the ABS-CBN franchise hearing in Congress. Netizens can’t help but noticed during the hearing how Katigbak handled the tough questions with poise and humbleness.

The hashtag “ABSCBNFranchiseRenewal” trended on Twitter mostly commending the leadership shown by Mr. Katigbak.


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Here are some of the comments from netizens:

– “I really admire how President and CEO Carlo Katigbak of ABS CBN handle the situation in Congress.”

– “Got to give it to Carlo Katigbak, the guy is very composed and classy”

– “Can we all agree that Carlo Katigbak is the CEO that every employee wishes they have?”

– “Sir Carlo Katigbak, pa share ng meditation and anger management techniques. Lol. How to be that zen po?”

– “Ano bang iniinom ni Carlo Katigbak na pampakalma. Am really curious how he can keep calm for 11 hearings only to be grilled and bullied for 8 hours each Am just reading tweets and my BP is through the roof”

– “Sir Carlo Katigbak is an amazing leader…even other congressmen commend his way of thinking in answering most of the questions straight forward..Kudos Sir Carlo….AbS CBN deserves you…

– “Sir Carlo Katigbak really is the epitome of poise and eloquent. The fact that he can remain calm and graceful despite being questioned by people like Marcoleta and Remulla is beyond amazing. I’m just impressed. Salute

(Photo source: Instagram – @grep_harder_carla)

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