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Netizens react to Korina Sanchez ‘No filters, no retoke’ photo: “Bolahin mo sarili mo”

Netizens had mixed reactions to TV host Korina Sanchez posts as she flaunted her “No filters, no retoke and no apps” photo.

In her Instagram account, Korina flaunted her youthful look. She shared that she didn’t use any filters or apps and “no retoke” on the photo. It was in preparation for the launch of her new endorsement.


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Netizens expressed their admiration to Korina’s look in the comment section. But some netizen disagreed with her “No filters, no retoke and no apps” caption as they commented:

– “Salamat dok and Salamat yolanda”

– “Thank you Yolanda and doc. unat unat te you can fool yourself but not me”

– “Haha banat n banat nga te ”

– “Bolahin mo sarili mo ”


(Photo source: Instagram – @korina)


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