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Netizens to Matteo Guidicelli unboxing Playstation 5: “hayz, di na natuto mateo”

(screenshot nalang po sir)

Fans and followers of actor Matteo Guidicelli expressed mix reactions over his PS5 (PlayStation 5) unboxing video. It was recalled that last June 2020, Matteo was heavily criticized for his unboxing video of PlayStation 4 as some netizens were saying that it was a ‘rough’ way of unboxing an expensive gadget.

In his latest YouTube vlog, Matteo said “I’m sure you guys are expecting this moment to come. So let me put on the sexy shades….” In the video, Matteo ripped the box open and he threw the other contents on the ground as he said “so the things that I’m going to use I put it on my left, the things I’m not going to use I put it on the right.”

Matteo addressed those who will complain when the console bounced on the table as he said “sa mga nag cocomplain diyan. By the way this table is shock-absorbent so the PS5 does not feel any, uhn kumbaga does not feel any shock because the table is from Cebu Company and it’s shock-absorbent so it bounces.”

The said unboxing video of Matteo caught the attention of netizens as it trended on YouTube at number 13 as of writing. Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

– “hayz, di na natuto mateo…ma vovoid warranty nyan :(”

– “He’s literally doing it on purpose now and I like it…”

– “Ang kulit hahahaha. Haters must be having a heart attack by now coz of Matteo’s trolling game”

– “Okay, Mattheo. I see what you did there. LOL! He literally trolling the outrange people who cried when he unbox his PS4 before, and he did it again! LMAO!!”

– “Matteo is so good at being sarcastic that everyone thinks he’s being serious”

(Photo source: YouTube – Matteo Guidicelli)

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