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Netizens to Sylvia Sanchez reaction over Ria Atayde’s surprise: “Ang cute ng reaction mo

Actress and TV host Ria Atayde surprised her mom, actress Sylvia Sanchez as she gave her an adorable 2 and a half months old dog.

In Sylvia’s Instagram account, she posted several photos and videos. In one of the videos, Sylvia was so surprised and happy when she saw the dog that Ria got her.


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Sylva wrote:

“Hahaha super happy💃🕺💃
Ria bought me a dog and im very very happy, finally i have a dog that i can call mine. Thank you my potpot for surprising me and thank you @ataydegela and @mikeeatayde for being the kasabwat of @ria 😍
Kaya pala ang aga nyong umalis sa bahay ng di nagpaalam. Nainis pa naman ako kasi umalis ng walang paalam, grrrrrrr😡😡😡 talaga, yon pala hahahaha 😝
So happy!!! You really surprised me!!!
And thank GOD that i have kids and a niece that think of my happiness too. Good kids❤️ love u 3💋💋💋 B1 B2 and Gelatin🤪😝😜
Now i have a new baby boy💃😍🕺
Yay! Very happy😍
Happy morning🥰😍😘”

Netizens can’t help but notice the reaction of Sylvia as they commented:

– “Ang cute ng reaction mo po nay @sylviasanchez_a. Ang cute din ng dog 😍😍”

– “Nkktuwa at ang cute nyo po, sarap nyo plang isurprise 😊❤”

– “Same my reaction when everytime i get a dog …so gorgeous”

– “Ang cute niyo po Nanay @sylviasanchez_a 😘😊💕 I Love you po Nanay 😘😘😘”

(Photo source: Instagram – @sylviasanchez_a)


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