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Ogie Diaz reacts to malicious report that Joshua Aquino got girlfriend pregnant

Rumors that Joshua Aquino, eldest son of actress Kris Aquino got his girlfriend pregnant spread like wildfire online. The malicious report said Kris fainted after learning the news and that actor Philip Salvador was so mad at her for not taking care of Kuya Josh. Salvador is the father of Kuya Josh.

Entertainment columnist and talent manager Ogie Diaz on his vlog reacted to the said report and called those responsible for the report as scientist.

“Wala namang statement si Kris. Alam nyo mga scientist kayo – mga imbentor’ said Ogie.

Ogie also reacted to the report that Kris herself confirmed that her son Joshua got someone pregnant. Ogie further said the report didn’t even mentioned the alleged girlfriend that Kuya Josh got pregnant.

“Kung meron mang tao na una nating mababalitaan na nakabuntis si Joshua, yan ay si Kris Aquino. Hindi magpapahuli si Kris Aquino. ” added Ogie.

“Tigilan nyo ang mga ganyan. Gusto nyong maka-attract ng views. Kung totoo yan bakit nyo tinuturn off ang mga comments?” asked Ogie.

And to the readers, Ogie said that people should be more vigilant and not to easily believe everything they read or watch.

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino)

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