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Piolo Pascual on his ‘ideal partner’ in life: “Hindi kasi ako naghahanap eh”

Kapamilya star Piolo Pascual expressed his honest thoughts and opinions when he was asked about his ‘ideal partner’ in life.

In a press conference for Sun Life Philippines, Piolo was asked about his love life. During the press conference Piolo was asked about the qualities that she is looking for a girl.

“Parang curious lang sila anong hinahanap ni Piolo Pascual na magiging partner in life soon.” One member of the press asked Piolo.

“Magaling mag laba….” Piolo jokingly said.

According to Piolo, he does not have any particular criteria or requirements.

“I don’t actually look for that. Pag dumating na yun, yun na yun eh. So it’s hard to have a criteria or requirement… Hindi kasi ako naghahanap eh. Yun ang mahirap dun eh but there would come a time for me to settle down. I wouldn’t have any criteria or requirements so to speak because at the end of the day it’s about the heart, it’s about your feelings.

So that person might have something that really compliments you or gives you that feeling of excitement and feeling that you have to be with someone… Hindi naman hinahanap yun, dumarating na lang.” Piolo shared.

Later on, Piolo also shared that he believes in destiny.

“I believe in destiny. I believe in something that happens out of fate, something that happens with divine intervention or divine appointments. I believe in magic. I believe in something electrifying. Of course, when that person comes, that person will be the ideal partner…” Piolo said.

(Photo source: Instagram – @piolo_pascual)

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