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Robin Padilla asks Mariel for ‘no party’ on his 53rd birthday

Actress and vlogger Mariel Padilla penned a heart-warming message to her husband, actor and Senator Robin Padilla as he celebrated his 53rd birthday.

In her Instagram account, Mariel posted several heart-warming photos of her with Sen. Robin and their adorable daughters, baby Isabella and baby Gabriela. Mariel also expressed her love to Sen. Robin as she greeted him on his special day. Mariel shared that she is grateful that she chose Robin to spend her life with.

According to Mariel, Sen. Robin only asked for one thing on his special day and that is no birthday party will be held to celebrate the said special occasion.

“Happy happy happy birthday to you my babe 🎂 grateful that you are the one I chose to spend my life with. The most passionate, caring, protective and loving person 💕 on his special day, he asked for 1 thing… no party 🤪 your wish is my command… enjoy your regular, normal, no party birthday hahaha @robinhoodpadilla” Mariel wrote in the caption.

(Photo source: Instagram – @marieltpadilla)

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