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Ruffa Gutierrez says she does not need a man to complete her

Actress and Second Runner-up to Miss World 1993 Ruffa Gutierrez said she is currently happy with her life and she does not see the need to have a partner or getting married again.

During an online interview with Toni Gonzaga for “I Feel U”, Ruffa said she can live with her kids, dogs and her career:

“For me, okay naman ako mag-isa. Kaya ko naman mabuhay with my kids, with my dogs and my career. Buo ako sa sarili ko,” Ruffa said.

“Ayaw ko nga magpakasal ulit eh kasi ‘di ba, you have to go through an annulment again. Tapos marami akong nakikitang marriages na parang they are just with their partners because for the kids, just to make it work,” added Ruffa.

Nagbago talaga. I am very different when it comes to my perception of love. A lot of my Bible study-mates are saying, ‘Ruffa, you have to get married again. We really pray for you na you’ll have a family again.’ Guys, I’m okay. You don’t need to pray for me. I’m not lonely. I’m fine the way I am,” Ruffa said.

“If the time comes that my partner will propose or I feel that it’s right and I feel that it will make me happy forever, kahit 70 pwede ako magpakasal. Why not?” ended Ruffa.

(Photo source: Instagram – @iloveruffag)

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