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Visually impaired balladeer catches the attention of Sam Smith

International singer, Sam Smith’s attention was caught by a visually impaired young balladeer from the Philippines. Felt astonished, Smith took to his Instagram @samsmith last week, to ask if they knew who the singing kid was. This generated thousands of tweets including the Pinoys who seem to be very proud of this attention.

Sam shared a viral video of a young blind boy, Carlmalone Montecido who was singing one his songs, “Too Good at Goodbyes” in one of the malls in the country.


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He captioned it, “WHO IS THIS KID!!!!!? YOU ARE OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE WHOEVER YOU ARE” The Filipino fans and even those from other parts of the world was simply astonished by the kind of voice Carlmalone has even if he is a person with a disability.

The said video gathered 1Million views and thousand of re-tweets. This only shows that Pinoys can still slay the world, through magnificent talents.

(Photo source: Twitter – @samsmith / Instagram – @samsmith)

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