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WATCH: Iñigo Pascual convinces Piolo Pascual to dance for this online challenge

Father and son duo Piolo Pascual and Iñigo Pascual never fail to leave their fans swooning over their performances be it on screen or live on stage.

But apart from their big production numbers, Piolo and Iñigo also find time to bond with each other in the most spontaneous way, including their recent video where the younger Pascual managed to convince his dad to take on the ‘microwave challenge’.


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In his Instagram account, Iñigo shared an adorable clip of him with his dad where they did the trending online challenge.

He wrote in the video’s caption: “I got PAPA P to dance! Forced him to do the #MicrowaveChallenge with me! What’s next!? ? Eto ang mga nagagawa namin sa tour. ?? #FatherAndSonTour2019 the dancing is a tribute to @patpherzig #BubiDance”

The video already gained more than 131K views as of writing.

(Photo source: Instagram – @inigopascual)

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