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Claudia Barretto dodges question about her dad Dennis Padilla

Singer Claudia Barretto appeared to refuse to answer the question about his father, actor Dennis Padilla during an online press conference.

In an online press conference as a new artist in Viva Artists Agency, Claudia was asked “siguro kung meron man, any specific advice from your dad, si Dennis?” To which Claudia answered “uhm you know, for me, there are lot of things that ah you know, people have not come to be aware of yet.”


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“Especially when it comes to familial relationships. And you know for me, I’m naturally a very private person, but especially when it comes to family because I’m very protective, of not only my peace but also my family’s. But I would love to answer, if you have any other question for me. I would love to answer that.” Claudia added

(Photo source: Instagram – @dennisastig / @claudia)


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