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Ella Cruz’s new video sparks pregnancy rumors; actress responds to speculations

Actress Ella Cruz drew attention on social media after she shared one of her short dance covers which sparked speculations about her alleged pregnancy as some netizens noticed her seemingly bulging tummy.

In her post, Ella responded to pregnancy speculations and denied the rumors, saying that she just ate a little too much during the holidays.


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Ella wrote in her video’s caption as she addressed pregnancy rumors: “EDIT: KATATAPOS LANG NG PASKO AT BAGONG TAON. Hindi ba pwedeng busog lang? Tsk 😒
New fave song!! Full cover? #psycho #redvelvetpsycho #getwellsoonwendy @redvelvet.smtown”

Ella also downplayed the speculations in the comments section as she jokingly wrote: “Buntis rin ba kayo? 😂”

The actress then gained support from netizens defending her from bashers as one user wrote: “Observed ko lng sa ibang buntis hah..ang buntis sa puson malaki pag mga unang buwan..hindi ganya..halata namang busog lang..2020 na basher padin, kayo na..haha 😅”

Another netizen commented: “mga tao talaga pag malaki tyan buntis agad? HAHAHAHAHA malaki din naman tyan ko pero di ako buntis. HAHAHAHAHA”

Ella later posted a video of her dad who also did a dance cover while flaunting his tummy.

the actress wrote in the video’s caption: Ginalit niyo papa ko. Eto daw ang buntis 🤣 #psycho #psychokayo 😝😝”

(Photo source: Instagram – @ellacruz)

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