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Empress Schuck and Vino Guingona are now engaged

Actress Empress Schuck and partner Vino Guingona had a double celebration as they got engaged during the 5th birthday celebration of their daughter, Athalia.

In her Instagram account, Empress shared photos of the said celebration. They surprised their daughter with a “Frozen” theme birthday party.


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She wrote “Happy Birthday my baby girl Athalia!!! I’m so happy that you appreciate this! I know I’ve been telling you no party,no decorations, no gifts. I’m sorry but I just really wanted to surprise you and your reaction is so priceless! It’s all worth it.☺️ “

In the middle of the birthday party, Empress also got a surprise from her partner. Vino surprised her with a wedding proposal. According to Empress, the said proposal made the day more special. She wrote:
“And so this day has become even more special.. Its not just Athalia’s birthday anymore but also a new celebration of God’s intention. “

She added “A new chapter begins for me.. And I know by walking with God together, we are on the right path.. The goal of our relationship is to honor him and do things what’s right in his eyes and that’s what we’re going to do real soon…❤️ Praise be to God.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @itsempressita)


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