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Ericka Villongco deletes ‘karma’ post; calls it a bad joke

Ericka Villongco decided to delete her ‘karma’ post in the light of the James Reid and Nadine Lustre breakup. Ericka is the ex-girlfriend of James. Ericka’s post received a lot of attention due to it’s content:

“my dm is flooded w the ‘did you hear?’ what do you have to say about..’ he$ a cHeAteRrr’ this is me rn (right now) letting the news speak for itself”. She even added some intriguing words on her post such as “karmas a btch”, “LOL” and “god spared me”.”


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But after awhile, Ericka had a change of heart and decided to delete and post a new one that reads:

“deleted my post bec i realized it was a bad joke, im sorry for letting the impulsive aries get the best of me this rlly ist any of my business & it is never ok to be mean to ppl”

(Photo source: Instagram – @nadine/ @erickaxx)

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