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Heart Evangelista admits wearing fake jewelry: “Actually, that’s my biggest secret!”

Amid being known to have a wide range of branded collection from bags to clothes and jewelry, actress Heart Evangelista revealed one of her biggest and most surprising secrets— wearing fake jewelry pieces.

In her interview with Pep, Heart revealed that she often bring fake jewelry when she travels and mix them with the authentic ones, saying she is somewhat afraid to travel with real pieces.


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Heart said: “When I travel, I usually bring all my fake jewelry. Actually, that’s my biggest secret!

“Sometimes they are look-alikes of what I already have, except some stuff. Of course, I mix. I sometimes bring fake because I’m afraid to travel with real, especially since I like to change up when I’m in Fashion Week. I change my jewelry a lot.

“I love fake stuff too na jewelry… I’m lucky I don’t get itchy because some people get itchy.”

According to Heart, jewelry is all about choosing one’s personal preference when it comes to style and how it makes one feel when being worn without it, having to be expensive.

“I think it’s just all about ‘if it looks good, why not?’ You don’t have to get big diamonds. It’s really all about what connects with you, what you would wear every day. Something you feel that would blend with yourself.

“So whether it’s expensive or not, it’s just how you wear it and how it makes you feel,” said Heart.

(Photo source: Instagram – @iamhearte)

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