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Isabelle Daza slams netizen’s remark about ‘Filipinos copying western culture’: “it doesn’t make me less Filipino”

Actress Isabelle Daza slammed a netizen who made a negative remark on her “friendsgiving” photo that she posted on her social media account.

In her Instagram account, Isabelle posted a photo of her. The said photo was taken when she hosted a “friendsgiving” brunch for her loved ones. It seemed that the said event was in celebration for Thanksgiving Holiday.


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Isabelle also enumerated the dishes that she prepared as she wrote “Hosted a friendsgiving brunch and marinated the turkey overnight in a salt ice bath. Served with 3 different sauces: homemade gravy, mushroom porcini cream and cranberry with portwine. 🤘🏽 also had yummy sides : guava macopa salad, roblechon potato gratin and some brussle sprouts with chestnut pancetta. I realized i should have taken a pic of the food🤦🏻♀️”

In the comment section, one netizen commented “Philippino copying everything the Western countries did.. Never see them promoting their own culture, may be they don’t have one😢” The said comment caught the attention of Isabelle as she answered “to answer your question i can eat turkey and celebrate friendsgiving with new friends who have welcomed us in a new country. And it doesn’t make me less Filipino”

(Photo source: Instagram – @isabelledaza)


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