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Jennylyn Mercado on being “bashed” for practicing freedom of speech: “I am fine with it”

Despite being a GMA artist, actress Jennylyn Mercado had been very vocal through her social media accounts in showing support to her fellow artists at ABS-CBN.

In her twitter account, Jennylyn answered a netizen who advised her that it is better to be neutral to avoid criticisms “Nd masama ang mgbgay NG opinyon, better maging neutral ka nalang para iwas bashing. At the end of the day ur not a kapamilya star.”


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“But I am a Filipino and that alone is enough. To be neutral or silent in times of injustice is injustice. If being “bashed” is a small price to pay for practicing my right to freedom of speech. Then I am fine with it” answered Jennylyn.

(Photo source: Instagram – @mercadojenny)

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