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Kristine Hermosa thankful for sister’s health recovery

Many were surprised when gorgeous actress and wife of Oyo Boy Sotto, Kristine Hermosa, posted yesterday, a photo on IG that shows her, sister Kathleen and Make-up Artist Edz Plotnikov that is clearly set in a hospital room. She captioned, @khsotto “Biglaang pagsubok, lungkot, sakit, pagod at puyat — pero iba ang plano ng Diyos.. sa lahat ng biglaan na yun… Salamat Lord sa biglaang pagkakaibigan at damayan, lalo na sa pangalawang buhay na ibinigay mo sa kapatid ko.🙏🏻❤️ #GoddisciplinesthoseHelove#JesusHeals#AllglorytoourFatherinheaven

Many were astonished as to what happened to her sister, pertaining to actress Kathleen Hermosa as she is wearing patient’s gown. Many were stirred of what sort of illness is she into. One follower @_imie asked “ano po nangyari sa kpatid nyo po.. God bless po sa nyo”. Some sent good wishes of recovery soon. A lot are intrigued towards the older sister’s state since she was also a teen actress in the 90s along with younger sibling, Kristine.


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However, Tin, did not specify the sickness suffered by her beloved sister. A lot of people are hoping for her speedy recovery.

(Photo source: Instagram – @khsotto)

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