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Sarah Lahbati raises awareness on underwater life preservation

Actress Sarah Lahbati raised awareness as she shared several under water photos of her with her husband, actor Richard Gutierrez.

In her Instagram account, Sarah posted several under water photos of her and Richard. The said photos were taken during their first dive for the year 2021. Sarah expressed her gratitude as she spent a ‘purposeful’ weekend with Richard. Sarah also shared the importance of coral reefs as she wrote:


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“First dive of the year!
Grateful to have been able to have a purposeful weekend with @richardgutz & to have been able to dive again together. We learned about coral reef restoration and the process of micro-fragmentation from the best people & hosts. We hope to be able to plant corals in our own reefs one day. 🇵🇭

We learned that more than 500 million people worldwide depend on reefs for food, jobs and coastal defense in reducing damage in the event of storms, hurricanes and other cyclones.

The Philippines is part of the coral triangle and area with more species of fish and corals than any other marine environment on earth. Most importantly corals provide food security and livelihood to millions of people around the country. 🇵🇭

We hope we can all take part on continuously being aware of our daily choices in life that lead to a cleaner ocean for the future generations. 💙”

(Photo source: Instagram – @richardgutz / @sarahlahbati)


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