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Sharon Cuneta: “Mas gusto ko pa nga aso sa tao minsan, maraming tumatraydor sa akin”

Megastar Sharon Cuneta expressed her love to her dogs as she shared that she prefers dogs to people sometimes.

In her latest YouTube vlog, Sharon shared some stories behind her ‘furbabies’. Her latest vlog came with a description “I’ve always been a dog lover ever since I was a little girl. Animals always have a special place in my heart ❤️ Please love your pets, whatever they may be, and know that the unconditional love that you will receive is immeasurable 💖”


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“Also remember to give rescued dogs and cats a chance to be part of your lives if you can. Being a FurMom brings me so much joy, thank you for joining me on this special episode today. Stay safe and healthy, Everyone! Give my love to your Furbabies too 💖”.

Later in the video, Sharon also shared funny stories of her dogs with her family. Sharon shared “nakakatuwa lang kasi parang laging may babies kahit gaano sila katanda, baby sila. So para akong laging may babies. Mas gusto ko pa nga aso sa tao minsan, maraming trumatraydor saakin. Hindi naman marami pero masakit. Masakit kahit iilan lang, dahil sa tao mismo.”

(Photo source: Youtube – @Sharon Cuneta Network)


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