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Bela Padilla clears issue as to how the 3M cash donations were spent

After all the doubts and mean comments spreading out, Bella Padilla finally broke her silence on how she was able to manage the 3.3 Million cash donations she gathered for the fund-raising project she founded.

On a screenshot note she posted on Instagram, it clearly says “Again, for everyone’s peace of mind. I already posted everything. It’s in my highlights too. The donations from the gogetfunding were 1.37 M.”


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Padilla also revealed that the 2 Million was donated by one person hasn’t arrived yet.“However, despite the wait, she was able to pull out 2.5M to buy food for the two days of donation. Moreover, she claimed, “Also, the 1.3M hasn’t been released by PayPal yet. So, right now, it’s all my money that went out.”

From her IG post, she quits on having her attention on senseless criticisms. Instead, Bella would love to effort more on the needy rather than people’s judgement on her deeds. Captioned in her post is “PSA for the MIA. I won’t reply to anybody about this anymore after this post. There are more people who need help, and I will focus my energy only to them or myself. Happy first day of q2!”

(Photo source: Instagram – bela)

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