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Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo post touching birthday message for daughter Yohan

Celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo marked their eldest child Yohan’s 15th birthday with their heartfelt message for her which they shared on their social media accounts.

To make Yohan’s day extra special, Judy Ann posted a set of photos showing their fun bonding moments with their family alongside her message for her daughter.


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She wrote: “15 already!!!???? A year older.. definitely a year wiser .. oh my baby love, from day 1 that i laid my eyes on you .. you never fail to make me smile.. with your corny jokes 😜, the way you swoon over k-dramas and bts, d ko man gets .. support ako dyan. I love you my sweet blessing.. you will always be a reminder that God listens. ❤️❤️ happy 15th baby love. 😘😘”

Ryan also gave his sweet message for his baby Yoyo who is now a lady alongside a lovely photo of her with the caption: “Happy 15th Birthday My Baby Yoyo😘😘😘

Yohan is Judy Ann’s adopted child who came before she tied the knot with Ryan. The couple now have two other children named Lucho and Luna.

(Photo source: Instagram – @ryan_agoncillo)

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