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WATCH: Robi Domingo gets a birthday surprise from non-showbiz girlfriend

Kapamilya host Robi Domingo just had an amazing 30th birthday after his non-showbiz girlfriend Maqui Pineda which he shared in his recent vlog uploaded on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Robi was supposed to shoot content where he will talk about birthdays, food, parties, and to show his unwrapping of gifts he received from his family, loved ones, fans, and friends.


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Later on as Robi was opening the gifts, he picked up a box alongside a letter which apparent came from his “biggest fan”.

The letter says: “Here’s to you wanting to be the very best like no one ever was. Happy birthday Robi, from your biggest fan.”

Upon opening the gift, Robi who has been an avid fan of Pokemon was left in shock upon seeing a pokeball enclosed in a glass jar.

Robi shared: “I did not expect this. I feel so happy grabe. It’s something na pinangarap ko lang dati. Kasi, you cannot buy this anywhere. Pinapagawa ‘to sa Masenko Props and ino-order mo ‘to. Limited edition ‘to from UK, a handcrafted piece of artwork mula sa Masenko Props.”

Robi’s ‘biggest fan’ turned out to be his girlfriend who later came in the room to personally greet him a happy birthday.

Watch it here:

(Photo source: YouTube – Robi Domingo)

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